Puppets in Yorkshire

Skipton in Yorkshire is but a few miles from where I spent my young childhood, a little village situated between Bingley and Keighley, on the edge of Ilkley Moor called East Morton. Skipton has become famous over the past decade for its bi-annual International Puppet Festival. It is a weekend of spectacular novelty and set in the most picturesque market town you can imagine. It was this weekend and I stole a couple of days to get away from the depressive frustration of my fire-and-smoke-disabled theatre.

Despite dire warnings of rain for Saturday and wind and rain for Sunday it was a lovely weekend both for the journeys to and fro, and the shows themselves. All of the theatre shows in various venues throughout the town were fully booked up in advance, but this didn’t matter since there are so many free shows. There are walkabout shows and happenings on the shopping streets, but the main free shows are centered on area on the canal bank where there are tents and pop-up puppets of every description. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

2 thoughts on “Puppets in Yorkshire”

  1. That sounds wonderful, but I’m sorry to hear that the theatre back in Colwyn Bay is still a way from re-opening. We were looking forward to half term and Christmas shows.

    1. I am afraid that there is now no chance for an October half term re-opening. I’m keeping my fingers grossed for Christmas.

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