October Half Term Season Going Well

The show seems to be very popular, with three out of the four performances so far fully booked. Of course the smaller audiences necessitated by Covid rules means a “full house” is much more likely. I must admit that despite the cut in revenue I do enjoy the smaller audiences with a more intimate and friendly atmosphere. I’m enjoying it.
This is a very demanding show two very different scenes to set and a longer magic show than usual. The show is supposed to last an hour and a half but has been nearly two hours on a couple of days. Nobody has complained.
This weeks cabaret features Kasperl, the little Austrian puppet (based on pinnocchio) carved by Eric Bramall. Also there’s my Violinist, one of my own early puppets made mostly in papie mache. The Harlequin puppet-working-a-puppet was the original idea of Eric Bramall, and was of course a very appropriate act for a cabaret at The Harlequin Puppet Theatre.
One of the Program items, The Handkerchief Ballet was devised by Eric but was based on the brilliant original idea of Buster Stavordale, a clever puppeteer who throughout the 1950s toured a Puppet Show for the Sharp’s Toffee Company. The Sharp’s Puppet Theatre was quite famous in its day and was featured during “The Festival of Britain”. Eric and Buster were great friends and shared a lot of ideas, and made puppets for each other.

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