We are preparing the October Half Term Show. Full Details and Booking at http://puppetshow.info
Our Christmas pantomime, Aladdin, will open on Boxing Day 2021 and run to the end of the school holiday.

One thought on “OCTOBER HALF TERM TREAT 2021”

  1. The bookings are coming along fine for this week, in fact we already have one day fully booked. Of course it is easy to get a “House Full” when half or more of the available seats are unoccupied for covid-spacing reasons. Still it makes for small, friendly audiences. It seemed to work very well for our short Summer season and all the shows had a very friendly atmosphere and nobody grumbled.
    So I’m looking forward to the opening on Saturday, even though I’m rather frazzled at the moment trying to combine clearing up the theatre in between breaks from rehearsing the show. Even after working puppets the major part of my life it is still essential to rehearse each show thoroughly event though I’ve done it all before. This is even more important as I age since recall and reactions are just that much slower – and “that much” can lead to a silly mistake. But, as I was saying, I’m really rather enjoying being last moment as usual and definitely will be even happier when the curtain goes up on Saturday. Hope to see you all during the week.

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