I have no fear of spiders, but I do constantly battle with them since they do like decorating my theatre with their webs. I try to remove the visible ones in corners, on chandaliers etc. And before each season I have to get a brush on a very long pole to try and dislodge webs on the very high ceiling. Actually these are so high, and as the webs are flush with the ceiling, they are virtually invisible. A fire alters all that! The smoke deposits layers of carbon on the web changing the gossamer thin strands to quite thick strings which sag with the weight and cling together, then fall as shiny black oily hanks. Quite wondrous, but very smelly and dirty.

3 thoughts on “Arachnophilia”

  1. Chris,
    Tom and I were so sorry to hear about the fire, and wish we were nearer to offer some support. The show must go on!
    John Williams

    1. Thanks for your concern – but there’s nothing to be done except wait for the various contactors and the insurers to agree estimates and then get on and fix dates to actually do something. Hope singing, drumming, rugby and trips to Hong Kong are all going well.

  2. I have since learned that these cobwebs are in fact a phenomenum know as smokewebs and although they look like cobwebs and appear in exactly the same place as the spiders spin their webs they are in fact a creation of the heat and smoke. Apparently the spider’s webs disappear rapidly in the heat and are replaced by these chemical imposters.
    If you Google smokewebs you will be told a similar story. I am almost convinced.

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