Back to the Smells.

Anyone who has suffered a fire will know one of the worst results is the long-lingering smell.  The only place I can work in at the theatre at the moment is the foyer, and even here the smell is pretty acrid, although after half an hour or so one doesn’t notice it quite so much.

I’ve been away for the weekend in Wolverhampton performing Punch & Judy so my return on Sunday night was greeted by a temporarilly forgotten pungency.

Last week was particularly busy with Punch work since it was the week of the two biggest Agricultural Shows in North Wales, The Denbigh and Flints Show and The Anglesey Show. Both are events I always enjoy, although I don’t enjoy the very early morning starts. At these big events one needs to travel to arrive in the early morning since you have to be fitted up and vehicle your off the site by 8 am. I usually set my alarm for 4 am on show mornings.

Things are still progressing depressingly slowly. Unfortunately the fire clean up and restoration has to be professionally done (well the insurers are paying) but that means I am at the mercy of already busy tradesmen who have other calls on their time and haven’t just been sitting around waiting for me to suffer a fire.

Things would be very different if it was something where I could call on well wishers and volunteers. I am so grateful to have had an abundance of offers of help both from fellow puppeteers but also from audience members, parents and grandparents who bring their children to the shows. I do thank you all for your kindness, but really there isn’t much anyone can do at this stage.

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