Well the Summer has started with some lovely sunny days. The Caerwys Agricultural Show, which coincided with The Queen’s Official Birthday, was blessed with glorious sunshine. They deserved the good weather since last year’s event suffered the worst weather I have ever experienced for a show. It was so wet and the ground so waterlogged that the cars and trucks were getting bogged down getting on to the showground. It got worse, in fact it rained all day long.¬† So it seemed only fair that they should strike lucky this year.

I did three shows during the day with goodly crowds for each.

I’ve also been¬† busy in the Harlequin with school shows – two coming from Northern Ireland and a third from the Sheffield area. There are less of these private bookings these days, partly due to the high cost of transport but also to the increasing health and safety complications involved in planning such trips.

They usually are older children, around 11 years old, and they make a lovely audience, eager and appreciative.

I’ve just taken a break from rehearsing Alice which I am startingearly since as it gets nearer to end of term I’ll have less time due to work in schools. This is when many of the schools book me to visit the school with a puppet themed workshop, usually to fit in with their Seaside topic.

Now excuse me, there’s a Duchess and a Cheshire Cat need my attention.

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