Re-opening a week today!

The carpenter who started  repacing the fire damaged doors started in September. Then, having got me secure in a fashion he went off on other jobs. Then he went on holiday, came back and caught the flue and has only just been able to continue with the job. He hopes to be all finished by Tuesday. Then the flooring chap has to come and replace the burnt cork tiles around the threshold.

The electrics are nearly completed.

I’ve managed a couple of run throughs of Hansel and Gretel, and tested out stage lighting and sound etc. I’ve still a lot of cleaning and clearing, but there is nothing that could stop The Harlequin re-opening so I’m really looking forward to getting back into harness. I’ve even got a couple of dozen email and telephone bookings and so will have an audience. That’s the most important thing of course.

Roll on a week today, Sunday February 11th.

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