Almost there.

Tuesday and Wednesday saw a visit from Chem-Dry, the company cleaning the seats. They completed the cleaning of all 118 on the first day, then came back next day to re-fireproof the fabric. They are looking good.  On Thursday the electricians were here and are almost finished. I expect them again next week. The foyer curtains have been cleaned and are in the process of being re-lined, and should be back the week before I open.

My season starts on the 11th of February so I’m busy rehearsing Hansel and Gretel at the moment. I’ve also made a soundtrack for the cabaret section of the programme so things are coming along nicely. I’ve actually taken one or two bookings so it really feels like I will be back in business before too long.

It’s been quite a slog with a lot of frustration, but helped enormously by the friends and fellow puppeteers who have, unsolicited, given practical help in various ways.¬† I am very grateful¬† to you all.

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