Can you believe this …..

The cleaning company based in the Midlands arranged a date and time to come to North Wales and meet the local scaffolder, but they did not bother to inform me either that the date was confirmed or that a time had been arranged.  Of course I missed them!

Luckily I arrived at the theatre and realised there had been a phone call, but no message had been left. Out of curiosity I decided to do a call back on the number and discovered it was the bloke from the cleaners on his way home!

Anyway he turned back, and the scaffolder was recalled and we all met up at the theatre.

Unfortunately the cleaning representative, a very nice chap, couldn’t really contribute much.  He had driven from North Yorkshire which was his patch and was only standing it for the agent who covers my area but who wasn’t available. He explained that he didn’t actually know what was required, or what was planned, since it wasn’t his job and he knew nothing about it.

The scaffolder agreed that he could put up appropriate scaffolding over the seats, without removing the seats, thus confirming what I had told them back in August.

So after all these months it seems thaat we haven’t moved one iota forward.

That was all over a week ago but I haven’t heard anything from anybody.

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