This is not my idea of fun

I started writing this blog when the theatre was struck by tragedy and the theatre suffered an arson attack. It was a relatively small fire but it caused a lot of damage and kept the theatre closed for a full year.

Now we are closed again, but not for refurbishment (and hopefully not for a full year) but for the safety of us all. We are all, literally “all” because the whole world is involved, in the throes of this nightmare which is this coronavirus attack. It is quite terrifying in its speed of spreading among the community and the numbers to whom it proves fatal.¬† The only good side, as far as there can be a good side, is that by and large it seems to be sparing¬† children, who rarely catch the virus or if they do then only mildly.¬†

I pray that all of you will stay safe and healthy, the children of course, but also the Mums and Dads and very especially, the Grandmas and Grandads who are so often the ones who bring the children to the theatre. Of course, they by dint of age, are, like me, among those who are most vulnerable. Of course as I’m much older than you grandparents I’m supposedly much more vulnerable.

Anyway I’m going to do my very best to come through this ordeal and hope to see you all in happier days when we are able to act normally and gather together when I can get my “fix” of children’s laughter.

Until then, keep safe, keep well, and keep praying.