And Soon it will be Christmas!


On Saturday at 3pm we have the final show before the majority of children go back to school for the Christmas Term. We’ve been very busy this holiday, but not every day. Wev’e had some bumper days when the theatre has been almost full, but then other days when only a few families arrived for the show. Probably this is partly to do with the fact that we straddle several Welsh counties and several English counties in our catchment area, and their holiday weeks have not coincided at all. Although the October holiday is only a week we opened the theatre for two weeks so as to disappoint as few children as possible. Let’s see what Friday and Saturday bring.
This programme has been very well received, and the play, “The Gooseberry Mandarin”, despite a quite challenging vocabulary, has held even the very young in rapt attention.
Mr Bimbamboozle’s Magic is always a firm favourite, and the children do so love to point out his mistakes, and act as magician’s assistants.
The adults appreciate the skill and humour demonstrated in the Marionette Cabaret. The children enjoy this too, albeit on a different level.
Immediately this season is over we will be planning for Christmas. Scenery and puppets will come out of store and there will be strings to repair and much repainting and possible new costumes needed as we get everything ready for our December production of “Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp”, a favourite pantomime story of ours and the basis of this years Christmas Show at the Harlequin Puppet Theatre which runs from BOXING Day until the end of the Christmas Holidays.