Almost there.

Tuesday and Wednesday saw a visit from Chem-Dry, the company cleaning the seats. They completed the cleaning of all 118 on the first day, then came back next day to re-fireproof the fabric. They are looking good.  On Thursday the electricians were here and are almost finished. I expect them again next week. The foyer curtains have been cleaned and are in the process of being re-lined, and should be back the week before I open.

My season starts on the 11th of February so I’m busy rehearsing Hansel and Gretel at the moment. I’ve also made a soundtrack for the cabaret section of the programme so things are coming along nicely. I’ve actually taken one or two bookings so it really feels like I will be back in business before too long.

It’s been quite a slog with a lot of frustration, but helped enormously by the friends and fellow puppeteers who have, unsolicited, given practical help in various ways.¬† I am very grateful¬† to you all.

Starting to feel like home

The Curtains are back from the cleaners and have been re-hung. They will need a lot of adjusting but already the theatre is feeling more its old self. There’s a long way to go yet, but a February half term opening is now “on” and assuming no set backs the Hansel & Gretel witch will be cackling her greeting to the kids .

The main curtain is of 60 year old red corduroy and the blue drapes are a similar aged velvet. Considering their age they have cleaned up quite well. I would have loved new, but insurance only brings you back to where you were before the fire.

The harlequin pattern curtains in the foyer have gone off now. Their linings, which faced the sunlight, will certainly not withstand cleaning so these curtains will need relining. The main fabric still seems pretty sturdy which is good since I doubt if I could have matched, or even near-matched, that particular pattern.

We will be open for February Half Term

This picture shows the auditorium after a partial clean. The walls and the roof have been done. The seats and the floor have still to be done. Before that the fire doors need finishing, and there will be a partial electrical rewire, and the stage curtains which have been cleaned now need re-hanging. And I’ve a lot of cleaning backstage – which only I can do.

But up to today the auditorium was full of scaffolding. This is the first time I have been able to properly see the cleaned walls.